Monday, June 22, 2015

teen girl squad.

i remember developing pictures.

i remember that people took pictures of all sorts of crazy stuff and we'd have to manually lighten and/or darken the prints as the negatives went through the machines.
 photo teen girl squad 1 of 2_zpsog1cz4qs.jpg
one day my friends brought in a roll to be developed and as i scanned the little thumbnails i thought, "that's my room." i squinted at the screen and saw my three best friends laying on my bed in the last frame of the film. whaaaa?

longest printing project ever! so i waited to see the large print and there they were, laying on my bed. i looked closer and saw that they were laying on a quilt i'd never seen before.
 photo teen girl squad 2 of 2_zpsdzxxcas5.jpg
my quilt. my quilt they made.

those are the type of friends they are. even after all these years, and even though our homes are miles apart, spanning the country, and even though we have varied responsibilities and interests, i know they love me. and i love them.

they are off making quilts for other friends. not really quilts, but they're uplifting the people around them, you know. babysitting their kids, making them sweets, drawing them pictures, bringing them ice chips.

i love that.


aunt choody said...

Oh man! We are the best ever. :)

aunt choody said...
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Laura said...

Love this! I had the best friends. Still do. Miss you!