Wednesday, July 8, 2015

almost everyone loves the fourth of july.

we ate like royalty all day with a breakfast and flag ceremony at the church and a family dinner at matt's mom's and sister's place. my belly feels full just thinking about it.

i'm sad to say i didn't catch all of the fun with my camera! grandma re was the busy hostess and i never did catch her in the act of serving and taking care of everyone. i also missed the shot of aunt katie in the kitchen making the best darn potato salad.

as i've gotten older i've grown to appreciate the time and effort that went into those good memories of family celebrations and meals. when you're a kid you don't really ask, "where did all this come from?" unless you're pondering the logistics of santa's sleigh. in our prayers we sometimes mechanically say, "thank you for the food and please bless the hands that prepared it." those hands. they are real. they are kind. and they represent love and personal sacrifice.

yes, bless those hands.
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if you're wondering what a lit christmas tree looks like in july...
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