Wednesday, July 22, 2015

princess leia.

we watched star wars together and evy likes princess leia. this is good. this opened up the world of possible acceptable hairstyles (before limited to elsa and anna hair, cinderella hair, and mostly-down, as she calls it). now i can do anything with a braid and call it princess leia hair with no argument.
 photo meyers 5 of 116_zps6ppxhnso.jpg photo meyers 6 of 116_zpsfhbhnmwa.jpg
can i just say something? i really love having a daughter. the braids are only a small joy that come in the kind, nurturing, sassy, determined, and brilliant package.
 photo meyers 7 of 116_zps3rvis69w.jpg

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joolee said...

YES to girls. And Princess Leia hair. She is so sweet.