Monday, August 17, 2015


liam was jumping hay-bales when he misstepped and accidentally did a super cool trick.

i wish i had been taping him. it happened at the front of a stage area just after a show so he had an audience to say "oooo ahhh" and giggle.

a little late ossi was making fun of him. he stood on a hay bale and leaned forward a little. matt caught him and set him back down. assuming that matt was engaged in spotting him, ossi decided to poke fun with more dramatic flair.
 photo julynuts 128 of 209_zpsldcokk9v.jpg
he yelled, "FOR LIAM" and jumped high, belly flopping in the dirt.
 photo julynuts 129 of 209_zpssn6ngiev.jpg
since then any one of us can yell, "FOR LIAM" and get a big laugh out of the whole group.
 photo julynuts 130 of 209_zpssxytgqqh.jpg

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