Saturday, September 12, 2015

a bike story.

the view from the bike trailer...
 photo TP1 7 of 131_zps6cr2oudz.jpg photo TP1 9 of 131_zpsiwb4lmib.jpg photo TP1 8 of 131_zpsg9avy3md.jpg photo TP1 11 of 131_zpsl63twjlk.jpg photo TP1 10 of 131_zpsds900njf.jpg
 photo TP1 12 of 131_zpsyhfxea7c.jpg
and my view at the trailer passengers.
 photo TP1 32 of 131_zpsiyishlva.jpg photo TP1 31 of 131_zpst1ov3zsr.jpg
i adore the way finn and evy buckle their belt together. they carefully and delicately snap the two sides together, careful to touch only their side. this little act of cooperation has taken them months to perfect. i don't always recognize these shooting star moments of sibling love, tenderness and cooperation, but i'm glad to have caught the joy in this one.
 photo TP1 30 of 131_zps663l7hxj.jpg

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