Wednesday, September 9, 2015


we've ambition, yes.

ideas, ideas for this.

plans, plans for that.
 photo TP1 1 of 131_zpsbopg9orx.jpg photo TP1 2 of 131_zps17eerw03.jpg
ooh, i could make some oriental screens for the upstairs.

maybe first i should finish painting the walls, the floor. maybe i should print and frame those pictures i've waiting in a file. maybe i should frame and hang that wall of happy thoughts.
 photo TP1 3 of 131_zpseyjjyhvt.jpg
okay, pretty projects. line up in a row. nice and neat. one at a time...
 photo TP1 4 of 131_zpsmtv1nhw4.jpg
as a rule don't move forward until the idea ahead of you is finished.
 photo TP1 5 of 131_zps8in3zg8j.jpg
uh, or um, well, whoops, okay. and there we have it.
 photo TP1 8 of 20_zpsuuqc8tgl.jpg
projects, you've made an awful mess of the house.
 photo TP1 9 of 20_zpsczziwudf.jpg
you really should have waited your turn.

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