Tuesday, September 15, 2015

she has ammunition.

i took a picture when i said goodbye. i wanted to remember their faces while i was away.
 photo TP1 67 of 131_zpshjjpqpxl.jpg
little sweeties. the innocent babes had no idea they were looking at a threat to national safety.
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actually, none of us had any idea. i wasn't actually a criminal until i passed through security.
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just ahead of me was a youthful male with a punk-rock attitude. the poor kid had worn a plastic belt that looked like a full bullet holster. i thought it was an unfortunate choice as the security hassled him, fellow passengers staring.  photo TP1 70 of 131_zpsa0lqxjyb.jpg
reality checked me as my bag passed the x-ray and a women guard stated matter-of-factly, "she has ammunition."
 photo TP1 71 of 131_zpsgqtoixqr.jpg
i'd been carrying my mom's bag, which was actually my dad's bag. there were 100 rounds in a side pocket, yikes.
 photo TP1 72 of 131_zpsmqtmt876.jpg
after an extended stay in security and a hot chocolate to calm my cold-sweats we could say, "no harm done." my dad might disagree since we turned his ammunition in to the police (who totally came).
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totally worth the trouble to have the girl trip.
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i take comfort in knowing that when i'm gone my lovies get to do all the things they like and i don't. like eat artichokes.
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