Sunday, October 11, 2015

rain on my parade.

When the kids opened their lunch bags they groaned. Three bean salad, no!! Not the fresh corn with onions mix!!

But I didn't care.

I knew my chillins would eat whatever healthy, local, free food the state could dish up in the summer lunch program... I knew because...
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Air hockey.
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This was the sweetest deal ever. Free, locally grown, healthy lunch served in the building across the street from dad's work. A mom's dream, really.
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Until one day when that poor worker-fellow had to deliver the bad news about the air hockey table.
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"For in-house day-care kids only." Wah-wah.
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Our days of free summer lunch were over (as you can imagine the three bean salad was not a powerful selling point moving forward).
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 photo TP1 42 of 131_zpso6kyu9w4.jpg photo TP1 41 of 131_zps9bld1fyc.jpg photo TP1 43 of 131_zpsn4czpkdu.jpg
And thus my mom dream ended after two visits to the YMCA.
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