Monday, October 26, 2015


The quickest of updates.
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Baby Cousin is growing too quickly.
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Actually every child is growing too quickly.
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Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Emily get to live with us for a while. What a blessing!
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So we have our Molly dog and Mason cat. Plus their Gus dog and Fitz cat.
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Teenage, youngest-sister Emily gets to share the upstairs bedroom with four children. She's doing fabulously well with it.
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Do you know that twice the dogs means twice the poop?
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Fun times are rolling on! With family...
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And with friends (Sugei, my brother's lovely girlfriend is on the left)...
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I've done so many family and senior photograph sessions in the last few weeks that I think my camera needs to go to Hawaii for a break. Although, no. That wouldn't be a break for a camera, would it?

Maybe I'm projecting here. Given my online school, cub scout calling, elementary school volunteer work, and photo shoots, I'm ready to take off for a while.
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Survivalist parties. Followed by Dungeons and Dragons.
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And more mood assessment and counseling for our wild child (who recently acquired a wild, furry, mini-friend to add a little spice to the household). Meet Ossi's new kitten, Tyler.
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So, we're pretty much a zoo in every meaning of the word.

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