Friday, November 6, 2015

my favorite and my best.

let's kiss in the darkest corner of the box maze.
let's trick-or-treat in a downpour while listening to the mission impossible theme.
 photo YAMW 1 of 4-2_zps1cjfodom.jpglet's stay up too late watching sketch comedy and quote from it all the next day.
let's read a horse and his boy to the kids. i'll cry at the sweet parts and you can fall asleep for most of it.
 photo YAMW 2 of 4-2_zps6zw8gvvz.jpglet's eat together. sometimes healthy foods and sometimes not.
let's sleep side-by-side. unless we aren't sleepy and then we can giggle or talk or whatever. photo YAMW 3 of 4-2_zpsrayub0uy.jpglet's help each other with everything. everything. not even joking.
let's be best friends. more than best. you can be my favorite and my best. photo YAMW 4 of 4-2_zpshi9tplsq.jpg
and let's do keep approaching perfect oneness into infinity like a limit. holla?

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