Monday, January 25, 2016

you're so big.

color me a picture, dear.

make it yellow, or blue, or red, or pink.

i'll bet it will say, "evy mom i love" on both sides.
 photo evylove 1 of 4_zpsken6ntpj.jpg
sit with me at the table, on the couch, in the car.

stand with me in the kitchen, about the garden, in front of the bathroom mirror.

follow me around the way you do and tell me everything about everything.
 photo evylove 2 of 4_zpszundjyyl.jpg
talk about your baby dolls and tell me again how you gave them all naps.

sing me every song that reminds you of another song that "goes like this."

go on and on, please, about the way life works and how you know.
 photo evylove 4 of 4_zpsx6ieduv2.jpg
look at me with those big, brown eyes.

make that funny face again, the one with crazy eyebrows.

then ignore me and let me just watch you a while.
 photo evylove 3 of 4_zpstwoewcea.jpg
let me try to make sense of what i'm seeing when i see you.

i'll ask if you're my baby girl and you'll say yes.

and then i'll be a little more confused because you're so big.

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