Monday, March 21, 2016

the fort.

some grand old' friends passed a fort along.

my, what a fort.
 photo febroo 43 of 96_zpsn02etavy.jpg
it folds up to lean against the wall when not in use.

(so, not-very-often.)
 photo febroo 40 of 96_zpsjchgnr3v.jpg
it came with a few, long, building boards, perfect for fitting custom needs.

and the rest of the magic is of the friendship variety.
 photo febroo 45 of 96_zpsoitgy3ef.jpg photo febroo 42 of 96_zpswws8ncly.jpg photo febroo 39 of 96_zps5wefiokb.jpg photo febroo 37 of 96_zpslxd0oeoj.jpg
cousins are the best.
 photo febroo 41 of 96_zpsy2kiikvu.jpg photo febroo 44 of 96_zpsltitxgz2.jpg
cousins plus fort equals terribly happy children.
 photo febroo 48 of 96_zps8enutb07.jpg

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