Thursday, March 31, 2016

this day.

this was a wear-holes-in-jean-bottoms day.
 photo marchhhh 57 of 142_zpsi6qtepgh.jpg
a come-home-missing-your-socks day.
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an i-can't-remember-what-was-so-funny-but-we-laughed-alot day.
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there were you-look-just-like-my-daughter moments.
 photo marchhhh 60 of 142_zpsmpgxpog6.jpg
and i-could-watch-you-play-forever moments.
 photo marchhhh 61 of 142_zpseoctavin.jpg
 photo marchhhh 62 of 142_zps7s08skxd.jpg
(that's one for the history books.)
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here we are. in the season of you-might-actually-remember-this-day.
 photo marchhhh 64 of 142_zpscfxdngvd.jpg
or you-might-actually-remember-some-small-detail-of-this-day.
 photo marchhhh 65 of 142_zpsndl3dedc.jpg
you might remember the way the park paths wove below you.
 photo marchhhh 66 of 142_zpsvnprb2nz.jpg
you might remember the feel of wet socks and slippery shoes while trying to climb.
 photo marchhhh 68 of 142_zpszjaxou2i.jpg
you might remember overcoming some fear.
 photo marchhhh 71 of 142_zpsvfqmp6ki.jpg
or you might remember facing a fear and walking away a bit defeated.
 photo marchhhh 70 of 142_zpsay3v2zwl.jpg
you probably won't remember a lot about the book, but when you read it again as an adult it will set your mind grabbing at some day.
 photo marchhhh 67 of 142_zps18qjeisf.jpg

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