Thursday, March 31, 2016

visiting grandma in the hospital.

her knee replacement surgery was a total success. grandma will be riding bikes with us in no time.
 photo marchhhh 73 of 142_zpse4cnrgey.jpg photo marchhhh 74 of 142_zps6f7wzsiw.jpg photo marchhhh 75 of 142_zpsertsvucx.jpg
the kiddos were very considerate and loving as we visited. they sure love their grandma.
 photo marchhhh 76 of 142_zps1nrvfpje.jpg photo marchhhh 77 of 142_zpsbmiykgdt.jpg
i love the way they're so sweet to each other when they forget not to be.  photo marchhhh 78 of 142_zpszflgnzqp.jpg
they tune in for an episode of charlie and lola and where once they were crowded and fussy they turn to snuggle-mush.
 photo marchhhh 79 of 142_zpsr2q39bfc.jpg photo marchhhh 80 of 142_zpsvdokpxbp.jpg
can i bottle those freckles and box up the gradient of hair shades?
 photo marchhhh 83 of 142_zpsivci1x2e.jpg
one nurse really fell for these kids and took them for rides around the hallways in a wheelchair. she snuck them graham crackers and milk and even a candy bar each.
 photo marchhhh 81 of 142_zpsyiatm9hi.jpg
i'm so glad for the adventures that come along with being in a loving, supportive family. i wouldn't wish the hospital on anybody, but it is sure a joy to visit when the chance arises.

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