Wednesday, April 13, 2016

are the missionaries coming for dinner tonight?

eveleen asks me some afternoons.

if i'm making a big meal or mopping the floor or if i'm trying to tidy the backyard, she asks.  photo marchhhh 93 of 142_zpsbaiptngv.jpg
if i say "no" she pouts a little.
 photo marchhhh 94 of 142_zpstpwecvlk.jpg photo marchhhh 96 of 142_zpsrixungyz.jpg photo marchhhh 97 of 142_zpsocwipwah.jpg photo marchhhh 98 of 142_zpsujyeevbi.jpg photo marchhhh 99 of 142_zps239qdnzw.jpg photo marchhhh 100 of 142_zpsxdjeckkc.jpg photo marchhhh 102 of 142_zpsxbbzolj7.jpg photo marchhhh 103 of 142_zpsj1dzulsh.jpg photo marchhhh 104 of 142_zpsf0vvej0c.jpg
we like them so much.
 photo marchhhh 105 of 142_zpsmsxauk62.jpg
i am thankful for the passionate, dedicated, and kind heroes that come over occasionally to fill their bellies and feed our spirits.

a sweet school assignment by our Liam-boy...
 photo liams report 1 of 1_zpsifpvlwjv.jpg

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