Monday, May 23, 2016


i remember when matt was too weak to play with his kids photo sample 164 of 181_zpshmlknvfy.jpg
this morning he awoke and went to the gym to lift weights. he keeps telling me how strong he feels.
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this time feels different. this time he is trying to become more healthy and it feels like he's put a positive spin on the process. something has changed in his mind, but i'm not exactly sure what.
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i hope for true health. his. mine. ours.
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i know that his children are watching everything he does. they are becoming more like him.
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that is a lot of pressure.
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this time i think he is encouraged more by being their hero than by being thinner or whatever.
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i only know a little about motivations. i could be totally wrong about the best and worst motivators and the path to true health, but working to be strong for your family seems like a good place to start.
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one time i was watching the following video and i scrolled down into the comments. the one i read was a cynical critique that claimed it was pointless and offensive to promote a utopian view of parenting, families, and fatherhood when we have real problems to solve. "this isn't helping anyone," the viewer remarked.

i remember thinking, "this is helping me." i was inspired to be a better homemaker, a more supportive wife, a reliable and stable parent for my children. i can say that this video and the principles outlined therein have directly helped my family.
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my husband isn't perfect, but he certainly gives our children a glimpse of the divine.

it isn't pointless or offensive for a man to try to be a good parent and a good person, to try and put God first and provide for a family. i know because i live with a man who lives this way.

and oh, how i love him.

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Mary Matus said...

That church video is our absolute favorite ever. People can and will get offended by any and everything. Sad world we live in. If we do not have something to live up to then what is the purpose of this life anyway. Thank you for your posts, always makes me think. Miss you! Xo