Sunday, May 22, 2016

uncle bren.

i love my brother, brendan. i feel like i've been getting to know him a lot better.
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i've always known he was kind but i didn't realize he was still kind when he was at his wit's end. i knew he liked my kids but i didn't know he wanted to teach them things. i knew he was up for adventure but i didn't realize how much he likes to lead-out in shenanigans.
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he taught the critters to dominate at super-smash-bros, which was no easy task considering they've hardly been exposed to video games. it's so perfect that matt and i get to be the screen-time nazis and bren gets to teach them how to relate to their peers at birthday parties, if you know what i mean.
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he and my other brother joe organized a dungeons and dragons campaign for the older boys and they meet each wednesday night to quest together. the other night i stood in the kitchen smiling as they tried to lecture ossi about attacking a powerful, peaceful character. i chuckled silently as i thought of the popular, placid fifth-grade-boy who ossi purposefully irritates every day in the walk home from school. he attacked the character despite the pleadings of my brothers and the character burned all of his weapons and gear. later when i related the game experience to the fifth-grade-boy and the walk home lights went on and we haven't had that problem since.
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uncle bren has a fan club, for sure. and i'm a devoted member.

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