Monday, June 6, 2016

it feels like it will always be like this.

there is something about this photo that i love.

maybe it's the shirtless boy with mischief in his eyes. or the one sitting criss-cross applesauce that looks like the sweetest little darling you'd ever take along on a fishing trip. i look at this photo and see my babies, my siblings, my parents.

these are my ancestors and i love them. i never knew them but i love them.
 photo life 1 of 1_zps27817hoi.jpg
great aunt mamie isn't in the photo. that's because she is the photographer. the story goes that she loved her camera as her most prized possession. she was the only one who could hold it steady enough to get a clear photograph. i love great aunt mamie.

inspired by her diligence in organizing family photographs in front of the houses, we decided to capture a photo of our vary own generation. thanks to the tripod and auto-timer i could even be in the shot. here we are in front of Great-Grandpa Rierson's where we eat together each sunday night.
 photo carnival by Megan Riley 1 of 1_zpsyssejn0d.jpg
i suppose that life felt to them like it feels to us... that things are pretty consistent, kids are kids, parents are parents, family gets together and the same conversations pop up each week. it feels like it will always be like this.

in a way it will.

souls go out, souls come in. but families are forever.

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