Friday, July 29, 2016

hhheeuk. hhheeuk.

the other night while we were doing our bedtime routine the cat started to choke up a fur-ball.
 photo riley summer 20 of 360_zpsofm1x9fo.jpg
we giggled a little about the noise and went back to reading our book when the cat quieted down.
 photo riley summer 21 of 360_zpsdtwzsw5c.jpg
then the noise started up again. only the cat was just sitting there staring up at us.
 photo riley summer 22 of 360_zpsriztjrlv.jpg
we looked to the source of the hacking and there was finn, engaged in another of his impressions experiments.
 photo riley summer 23 of 360_zpsd8ebidl5.jpg
it's hard to believe that he's going to be in first grade. i'm just glad he survived kinder. he only incited one major panic, four trips to the principal's office, a handful of seating rearrangements, and less than three months of half-days in home-school.

all this and not a single malicious bone in his body.
 photo riley summer 24 of 360_zpsvvbwnw1t.jpg
the lovers. the dreamers. and finn.
 photo riley summer 25 of 360_zpsjwcenthm.jpg
farewell to grant elementary and hello mckinley.

should i warn them that he's coming or just let them find out the fun way?

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