Monday, July 25, 2016


sometimes liam walks around the house with his headphones in his ears and a melancholy expression on his face.

it's a little alarming.

it doesn't make me too nervous for the teenage years, though. if he's going to be moody-broody i know he'll come out of it okay. the kid has an amazing heart.
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the whole house is littered with his paper creations. finger-puppet star wars characters, mostly.

he's already read the hunger games books, the beyonders series, endor's game, and several other stand-alone stories this summer, so i think he's put himself on a little library hiatus. his siblings are the beneficiaries of his break (a darth vader and yoda for each, and other characters made-to-order).
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i can't really explain how i know he has a good heart. he's a rather quiet guy most of the time, so he doesn't go on about his altruistic views. he's really no talk, all action.

he just helps people. he reads his scriptures. he's nice to everyone. stuff like that.

at least once he thought, "i hate you" towards me when i was lecturing him or bossing him. he felt bad enough about thinking it that he told me later and apologized. i'm pretty sure it's not the last time we'll have those moments.
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i can project liam's strengths and weaknesses into the future and i get a little glimpse of what we'll face.

i think he might be the one who is too cool for us.

i think he might struggle with wanting the nicest stuff and a bigger house and better clothes, maybe. (did you catch that on the other end of those ear-buds is an old phone case that he pretends is the real deal?) i'm especially concerned since we decided to transfer schools this year. the new school happens to have a different demographic in a more wealthy neighborhood. where once my boys were average to fancy i think they'll be the scruffy ones there.

matt and i decided that they'll need to pay for their own phones and plans, which means they'll probably be juniors or seniors in high school before they have one. i might as well make a blog label "kids and phones" because this is sure to be a regular topic in our family forum.

but then again, let's project strengths here. liam is incredibly obedient, willing, helpful, kind, creative, responsible, reasonable, respectful, compassionate, and habitually good.

i am honestly amazed that he's our kid.

maybe he is too cool for us!

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