Sunday, July 24, 2016


i've said before that the little stuff is the big stuff.

so, it's decided. i must dedicate a whole post to evy's fairy garden.
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right now we are reading the little prince (i'm so embarrassed to admit that this is the first time i've ever read the book). we just finished the fox chapter. we had to read it twice.

so, evy loves her fairy garden because she wastes time on it, as the book says.
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the little spot of earth is better for her love and care.
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evy is very clearly a nurturer.

today i had a bad morning. i was cranky with ossi because he was cranky with me and on and on. so on our bike ride to church evy was sitting in the seat on the back of my bike and we veered away from the family to chart our own course for a while.
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i said, "i'm sorry i have been so cranky today. i'm glad you are with me, though. i like it when you're here."

she said, "if you are in a bad mood tomorrow i will never leave your side."
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touched i replied, "that's so nice, darling girl, but i will try my very best to be nice tomorrow."

here's the best part.

"i know how you can do that," she counseled. "tonight at bedtime, after you give us hugs and kisses you should go downstairs and go right to sleep. that way you won't be stuck to your bed tomorrow morning."


Teresa said...

Nurturing and wise. Just like her momma.

Teresa said...
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Tamsin Duff said...

I love your kids immensely.