Friday, August 26, 2016

slippery finn

when i got home from a wedding-shoot today matt told me that finn lost a tooth while i was gone.
 photo aug 9 of 16_zpssbv0tpu4.jpg
it almost made me cry.
 photo aug 14 of 16_zps3yicrah4.jpg
i have this feeling like he's slipping.
 photo aug 15 of 16_zps9ugmvecs.jpg
he's stubborn lately and unhappy often. his brothers send him to me in tears several times a day. things don't seem to be going his way. he wants to watch one movie but everyone else votes together for another. the costume he wants is taken. his chores i give him are too hard so his legs stop working.
 photo aug 13 of 16_zps0hz1dgjk.jpg
the other day he got upset and threw one church shoe into the arbor vida and ivy mess so that now he has no nice pair.

but i'm thinking about those shoes and they were already trashed. plus his church pants are high-waters.
 photo aug 16 of 16_zpshg6rzosd.jpg
with finn, a little TLC goes a long way, and sometimes i forget that. i forget that if i walk him through his "rise and shine" routine in the morning he's in a happy mood for the rest of the day. i forget that if i stay in the same room and give him focused supervision during "happy couch" he gets his chores done with few issues.
 photo aug 12 of 16_zpspuztm6mv.jpg
i can see as i reflect that i've been more reactive in my parenting with him lately.

physically, he's growing out of his pants faster than i'm buying. emotionally, we're experiencing a similar phenomenon.
 photo aug 11 of 16_zpskolf4vgm.jpg
so maybe it's time for a new Sunday outfit and a new everyday approach to meeting his emotional needs.
 photo aug 10 of 16_zpsufknfgjm.jpg
i'll catch this boy.

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