Thursday, August 25, 2016

take 5.

You know when you forget to take your garbage out to the curb? You tell yourself you'll get it the next morning then you wake up to the sound of the truck coming down your street?

That following week your life is full of trash. Standing on the mound, you work to crush it in, giving you room to relieve your kitchen can.

Kids are kids, you know. They scrape their plates onto the tip-top of the mound and mashed potatoes or lasagna or crust rolls down the side like an avalanche.


That's how my spirit feels right now.

In my negligence I've let my inner garbage pile up.

And my babies are tossing their own needs into the mix, adding to an emotional avalanche.


Taking out the spiritual trash, a step by step guide for Megan Riley

1. Watch this.

2. Take a shower and actually try to feel put together.

3. Hire your little sister to deep clean your kitchen and bathroom.

4. Walk to a market and buy at least 5 fresh fruits and veggies and eat them all on the walk home.

5. Really watch your children. Watch what they do now that they won't do forever. Look for ways that they take after their dad and ways that they are just like you. Think of sweet words to describe their little souls from the top of their heads down to their pinky toes and to the very core of who they are becoming. Watch how they walk. Watch how they eat. Watch how they smile or cry or scowl or laugh. Memorize them again and again. Don't correct a single behavior, just for today. Don't try to solve them like a math problem. Study them like a great work of art. Let yourself be amazed and proud and humbled that you helped them to be.

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