Monday, October 3, 2016

first day, new school.

liam's teacher is very academically minded and she just switched to fourth grade after teaching middle-school spanish. she's both gentle and no-nonsense.  perfect match.

ossi's teacher loves structure and technology. she's up on the latest growth-mindset research and classroom tools. and she was raised in a home with a bipolar mother. perfect match.

finn's teacher had leaves glued all over her clothes on the first day of fall. finn says she never even mentioned why. when he first met her she looked down at him and said, "hi, finn. do you like bats?" when he lost his front tooth she told him she was glad it was bleeding because it was part of the package and who would want cake without candles? perfect match.
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i'm so thankful for the Spirit to guide us in our decisions. i'm grateful we decided to switch schools and i feel so hopeful and at peace.
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for the first couple of weeks i was babysitting a friend and everyone thought I had twin daughters. it helped soften the transition for evy, plus her friend is a total crack up.
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the little girl was poking matt's cheeks and squishing his face. when matt left for work he overheard her telling evy. "I wike to make youw dad feew uncomftible." (i like to make your dad feel uncomfortable). how are kids so dang funny?
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