Monday, October 3, 2016

nerf week.

i hope it locks into their minds as 'nerf week.'
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last night matt and i laid in our bed and talked about our favorite vacations. we talked about zion, and disney, and conference. we dreamed together of the next thing, whatever it is.

we decided that using matt's vacation time to refinish the floors was not going to make the list of our favorites.
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i hope the kids remember all the nerf and then the camping trip we took while the polyurethane dried. i hope they think fondly of living in the backyard for days in a row.
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they wore earplugs. that was an adventure.
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i seriously had them peel potatoes to keep them occupied. we never even ate them.
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we also recently cut a pass-through in a wall, built a secret-passage-door-thing, and added some built-ins. lots of finishing. lots of painting.
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it is nice to look around and see the way the house has ben healed and improved in the years that we've owned it.

all of this home improvement has gotten us pretty out-of-balance in the work/play department.
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and we've got the regular household chores to catch up on!
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when's the next vacation??

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