Friday, December 16, 2016

decorating and something i love about children.

woo, finally got our office looking the way i like.
 photo bloggy 19 of 33_zpsxz5efxez.jpg photo bloggy 20 of 33_zpsmrxdykcf.jpg photo bloggy 21 of 33_zps6p3grrd3.jpg
we can finally enjoy chitty-chitty-bang-bang in style.
 photo bloggy 22 of 33_zpseakhnnkr.jpg photo bloggy 23 of 33_zpslog53bro.jpg
too bad the upstairs looks like this... (thanks molly-dog for biting up the bed to get at your ball)...
 photo bloggy 17 of 33_zps7fwklfkh.jpg
good thing kids absolutely do not care about junk like that.
 photo bloggy 18 of 33_zps02dofqng.jpg
i love that they can have fun in a lamely decorated space.

i want to be more like my children.

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