Friday, January 20, 2017

my story.

"you should be writing from life, from the depths of your soul."
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i've been watching "little women" almost every day (ill evy insists).
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makes me cry. makes me smile so big. makes me miss tamsin. makes me giddy about my husband.
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matt had never seen it until this month. he says i'm meg and jo mixed together. i see the personality blends in my own four darlings. evy's favorite is beth ("before she dies," she wanted me to clarify).
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their story reminds me that i'm living my own plot.

i feel as if the sad parts and the hard parts are building the meaning and heightening the connections. the happy and funny moments keep us afloat. all of it is beautiful, all of it is so real.
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could i keep a blog about anything else? could i write anything more true?

my family is my life, the depth of my soul.

my story.

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