Sunday, October 8, 2017

two thoughts.

1. One way to know that you are too overbooked is to try and do your life and then watch it not work. Actually that is the only way I know how to know this.  Evy just asked me, "if on Friday you said that girl-scouts is on Saturday and today is Sunday but we never went to girl scouts what does that mean?" I'm pretty sure I forgot because I was too bummed out for not having had my boys go to their ballet class on Saturday morning...while we were all in the studio. I kid you not, we were there on time and dressed for class. I got to talking to the other ballet parents and before I knew it class was over and my boys had spent the last hour arm-wrestling in the lobby. 
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2. I had two thoughts when I started writing, I swear. Oh, well. I'll probably remember tomorrow and be like, "dang-it!"
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