Monday, December 25, 2017

For Tamsin

We could have gotten you makeup or jewelry. We could have sent you gadgets from Amazon. We even searched and found things that made us think of you.

But this persistent anxiety won't quit. This feeling that no matter what we could get or do for you it wouldn't be really bridge the distance.

Having you live so far away is super crappy sometimes (most of the times). It's fun when we get to visit you in beautiful Arizona. And fun when we get to meet you for vacations. And fun when you come to see us. But crappy any other time.

Thanks for spending your visit helping us stage and sell our house. Thanks for being the one who calls to say hello. We feel your love for us.

You have been with us this Christmas in our hearts. I hope you can feel our love for you.

We have also been making you lots of ornaments for your tree. We got you a bin to store them all so that next year you can open them up and hang us in your house. That way we can be a part of Christmas in your home.

Evy is your secret santa this year and she's been so excited to have you. The ornaments she's made for you are pretty amazing. We'll send them soon once we have them all finished but for now you can expect a teaser picture from Matt. Sorry for being late during this "moving-time" Christmas.

Sister, I love you dearly. Talk soon.

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