Wednesday, June 6, 2018

letting go.

just trying to post the last of the photos from the old house. not sure that there are the last, but i thought they told a good story about family love and the trampoline we left behind.
 photo mis 1 of 15_zpsfajdwf9q.jpg photo mis 2 of 15_zpskehazmtg.jpg photo mis 3 of 15_zpsa1whjrw8.jpg photo mis 4 of 15_zpsr0mamvpk.jpg photo mis 5 of 15_zpsdywhdlsa.jpg photo mis 6 of 15_zpsflnvfq3w.jpg photo mis 8 of 15_zpsxslv16hc.jpg photo mis 9 of 15_zpseb17wskd.jpg photo mis 10 of 15_zps0pd1ein4.jpg photo mis 11 of 15_zpsh4ufp6dz.jpg photo mis 12 of 15_zps1ty2yt6i.jpg photo mis 13 of 15_zpss9bwj8ko.jpg photo tre 1 of 38_zps2c45z7nb.jpg photo tre 2 of 38_zpswuu9eywr.jpg photo tre 3 of 38_zpsdidw2eyi.jpg photo tre 4 of 38_zps6156p4yy.jpg photo tre 5 of 38_zpsdoc3mcdo.jpg photo tre 6 of 38_zpsppx9fnws.jpg photo tre 7 of 38_zpslo3zoihm.jpg photo tre 8 of 38_zpsgrg7jrja.jpg photo tre 9 of 38_zpsog8smbwj.jpg photo tre 10 of 38_zpso2nzrfgr.jpg photo tre 11 of 38_zpsfveme2ly.jpg photo tre 12 of 38_zpsg7ynw3ke.jpg photo tre 13 of 38_zpsnrf7bi5c.jpg photo tre 14 of 38_zps26fqrmzo.jpg photo tre 16 of 38_zpsjw0dzofv.jpg photo tre 17 of 38_zpsbdrzxd3c.jpg photo tre 18 of 38_zpsoxreuj71.jpg photo tre 19 of 38_zpsxrxfvqb1.jpg photo tre 20 of 38_zpsq6sohaec.jpg photo tre 21 of 38_zpslyc9aghg.jpg photo tre 22 of 38_zpses2a3say.jpg photo tre 23 of 38_zpseiqtikm7.jpg photo tre 24 of 38_zpsaq7kgdra.jpg photo tre 25 of 38_zpsxa5etwkb.jpg photo tre 26 of 38_zpsirl7bu5x.jpg photo tre 27 of 38_zpsb65alvsq.jpg photo tre 28 of 38_zpsh1xz88tu.jpg photo tre 29 of 38_zpsmcejpqrn.jpg photo tre 30 of 38_zps6dkwbgsf.jpg photo tre 31 of 38_zpsnr7l8sxk.jpg photo tre 32 of 38_zps8yajvhed.jpg photo tre 33 of 38_zpsil1ydng1.jpg photo tre 34 of 38_zpsv7bvo4sz.jpg photo tre 35 of 38_zpsdxhsjxte.jpg photo tre 36 of 38_zpswfhisgf0.jpg photo tre 37 of 38_zpsliz6nerj.jpg photo tre 38 of 38_zpsjcaxcrvp.jpg

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