Tuesday, May 5, 2009

39 to go.

I am being schooled by a two-year-old. Schooled meaning he is The Professor Of Which Activities I Come Up With Are Lame And Which Are Defiantly More Lame.

Well, I think they're cute.
It turns out I can add "puppets" to the (very long) list of things that really bother Sparky for some reason that I don't understand. He ripped  them off my hands and shouted "no, mommy" until I finally gave up. 

I think he secretly enjoyed gluing their adorable, little button-eyes on.
Look at this face. I just wanted to kiss his (or her, it could go either way) little mug. These are Duke's really, really old socks though so I didn't.
My new child. This one doesn't talk back. Actually, we have very stimulating conversation.
Although Sparky screamed bloody murder when I tried to put one of these babies on his hand, he was surprisingly willing to let me cloth his feet with them. His little snake-legs are featured here, just for fun.
So really, with the whole family recreation goal I have for the summer, I think I am going to try everything on my list. Hopefully I can find at least five keepers to recycle. Maybe he's just as picky about his activities as he is with his food.

He liked the puppet stage the best.

Forts are the macaroni of intentional play.
What works for your toddlers? I would love some ideas!
And I'm still looking forward to reading your summer fun lists, all you who have plans to live. Email me or leave a comment and I will post a link to your list so that we all will have a great "to do" resource!

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