Monday, May 4, 2009

you've never lived until you've...

I am a tour guide. Each day my babies hear language they don't really understand, and witness events and objects that are completely foreign. Everything is new. In the past I have taught them colors, introduced them to letters and numbers. Taken them outside to name the bugs, the sky, the trees. Why though? So they can recite the names of things back to me?

Ever so much more than that! I get to teach them to live!

This summer's tour list:

*experience a sunrise
*walk to a gas station to pick out a favorite candy
*make a sand castle and then stomp on it
*build a soap-box car and race down a hill
*roast a hot-dog over a fire
*watch a live play
*star gaze (I'm taking an astronomy class, so I'll be an especially clever guide)
*eat a really messy dinner with no utensils


*build a catapult and shoot things
*swim in a real lake, not a man-made one
*build a really sweet fort
*make a slip-n-slide out of a shower curtain and use dish detergent to slide faster
*go roller skating
*ride a horse or pony


*have a yellow day where we wear only yellow, and eat only yellow food
*plant seeds in cups and water them until they are beautiful plants
*dig a giant hole
*make fruit smoothies
*rent a projector and make our own drive in, since the one here doesn't operate
*go on a treasure hunt
*catch a tadpole, kiss it for good luck and set it free


*squirt-gun fight
*record our voices and play them back and laugh at how silly we sound
*go a day without shoes
*eat cotton candy
*see a parade
*have a mud fight


Today we went for a little drive.

We visited an old favorite place.


The stacked sprinkler pipes out in the field.


Then we visited a new place.


A random church parking lot. I wouldn't consider it a new favorite, but if every place we went was a grand discovery, they wouldn't be so special anymore.


What does your summer live list include? Send me a link to your list and I will post it!


Laura said...

I miss those sprinkley pipes. Looks like you have a nice little adventure in your red sassy shoes.

Megan Marie said...

i always have some sort of adventure when i pick those shoes in the morning. they are magic, i'm pretty sure.

naturally nina said...

awesome shoes! :) yay, so happy i stumbled on your blog.

Megan Marie said...

nina, thanks! cute blogs as well! I'll be keeping up :)

Jessica Bjorn said... ... you might enjoy this womans radio show. She has a similar concept to your "live list"... she created a motivational speaking and journal line for "dream lists".
You should check it out!

Carolyn said...

this is so inspiring :) I have spent all this time complaining about how hot its gonna be where i live, when i should have been making a list of opportunities to make sweet memories!! I love that you compared yourself to a tour guide...i am going to start my list today!

Would you mind if i posted your list on my blog?...i love it!

Carolyn said...

oh ya, and a picture of how disgustingly cute you and your boys are...?

Brooke said...

Yes, so very inspiring! Since my son was born I have tried to bring creative things into his life. Your blog has indeed given me some inspiring summer activities! So awesome!

Alexia said...

What a charming idea! I love summer but I think that little lists like this will help me remember to enjoy it on those sizzling days. Thank you!

Alexia said...

PS: Sweeeet blog name. I love the word pickle if not the food.

Heather said...

I stumbled upon your blog via Team Boo and was inspired to make my own list - what a great idea!

Laura said...

Weeeeeeeeee! Loving all these lists!

Taren said...

i love all these lists! great idea! you've inspired me, i'm going to start mine :)

Adrienne said...

Hey! This is the first time I have commented on one of your posts, but I came across your blog about a week ago and I love your idea of having a Live list! I made mine if you want to check it out :)

Have a great day!


JoJo said...