Wednesday, June 3, 2009

37 to go.

Though I am sick, my kids keep on needing. They keep living. I am an ill tour guide, but I am still trying! Thank goodness I included a few things on my list that don't take a lot of energy to accomplish. 

Here we are, staying in our pajamas and watching movies all day. Woooo! 
We ate chocolate and popsicles all day, too. That wasn't on the list, but every kid should get a chance to eat ridiculously, every now-and-again.

We took a break from movies to get some fresh air. Sparky recently acquired a new scooter that he was just dying to ride and I was getting cabin fever. 
Although I felt silly riding a tiny scooter in my pajamas at the playground, I figured it would really be cheating to get dressed for the day, especially since we were taking a movie break. 
Mission accomplished. 

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Scott and Stacia said...

Oh yes, we had many TV/movie days while I was pregnant. At least we got out of bed, right?! Looks like a great day!I love that you didn't care that you were in your pjs when you went outside (the other day I took something out to our trash can which was on the street, since it was trash day. And a lady happened to be walking right by our trash at the same time I opened the lid. To be honest she scared me pretty badly. No one was supposed to see me that up close and personal at that moment) :)