Thursday, July 16, 2009

33 to go. And a very happy birthday.

It wasn't exactly a picnic, in the way one might imagine. No sandwiches or gingham, and I didn't see any ants. Just butterfinger candies, peach-rings, and our beverage of choice- cherry limeade. Not to mention the greatest company I could imagine.

I felt the need to redeem myself from my tragic attempt at birthday festivities. Yes, this is a hostess cupcake with 30 candles.

The most phenomenal daddy in the world, though quite satisfied with my pathetic attempt of a celebration, deserves much more.

I'm not a big baker. Or a champion gift-maker.

But I know all his favorite treats. And colors.

And, boy, do I love this man.

And for some crazy reason that I can't understand, he loves me back.

Loving. Kind. Compassionate. Hilarious. Accommodating. Gorgeous. Patient. Faithful. Thoughtful. Wise. Humble. Exciting. Huggable. Diligent. Hands off, he's mine.

Happy Birthday, Duke. I love you, to infinity and beyond.

p.s. our picnic for daddy was on our summer live list


emily said...

i love the baby open mouth kiss! so funny :)

the mama monster said...

picnics are the best aren't they? what a cute family you have. so are you having another boy? i have 3 boys myself and i have to say that it is the best! i agree with emily about the baby kiss, so cute.

Laura said...

These pictures are precious, Megs. I'm dying because I'm not there to witness it all first hand. Really dying.

And you're not a champion gift maker? Freakin Liar! haha!