Thursday, October 1, 2009

A few colorful images, to brighten your day and mine.

We spent the morning at The Gilbert House, a children's discovery center, and I was enchanted. I can add color to the growing list of spells I am under.
This picture and the one above are sisters, in line and contrast. Below I see childhood; tackling a sea of balls at chucky-cheese, combined with memories of gymnastic and dance classes.
I hope I never get lost in the beige of adulthood.
Oh, look! My third son decided to make an appearance. He sort-of appeared from thin air... from thin me. Although I have been feeling uncomfortable, I am enjoying the dawning feeling of complete love and attachment. He squirms and I become charmed at the prospect of meeting him soon.
My children have decorated my life with vibrant color.

Post edit: These photos belong together...

Today's destination, the city library, was color-ridden. Enjoy.


emily said...

oooo the color is amazing!! and your baby bump is adorable.

Brieanna said...

You look so little and cute. What an adorable pregnant woman you are. I am under the spell of colors myself. Glad you're feeling better. Tell Duke I said congrats.
Love you,

The Henderson Family said...

I love love love this post, not to mention reading your blog each day or two! It has reminded me that I can choose to be vibrant or I can choose to be dull! I choose to be vibrant!! Oh and your look so cute! I love to see that you finally have a belly!

Scott and Stacia said...

Okay, you are so cute pregnant. I am excited for you to meet little man #3 too. Not only because it is wonderful to meet the little baby you have created and held for 9months...but also because that means your hubby will be back. Keep Vibrant!! I know it has got to be rough being apart, but I am glad your family is so supportive!!

Tanya said...

we were just there the day before. i wish i would have called you :o)