Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunny Snapshot: To whom it may concern.

The newest addition to the family has requested that all members refrain from touching his eyeballs.
I've started up my Sunny Snapshots again, simply because I love to share my version of happy!

PS- This, for blogging purposes, is Fitz. We are pleased to introduce him as a character on The Polished Pickle!


Jessica said...

I love his little lips, shaped like a heart! What a handsome baby.

emily said...

ohh he is so cute! congrats!!!

Linzi said...

Though I haven't met Fitz yet, I think the name suits him perfectly. Congrats another beautiful baby boy!

Carolyn said...

where have i been?? Lost in the nesting world i suppose. I love your new baby. Congratulations!

Any baby is blessed to have you as a mother!!