Wednesday, February 24, 2010

make our own pizza.

The following concept hit me like a flash flood;

Maybe instead of asking my kids, "what do you want to do today?" I should ask, "what do you want to learn today?"
I realized this as I read a line from a teacher's training manuel; "A skilled teacher doesn't think, ... 'What will I teach today?' but rather, 'How will I help my students discover what they need to know?'"
The possibilities are now endless! What if they want to learn about cars? Well, I could pop the hood on ours and let them look around a bit (something I would have definitely never thought of in my former mindset.)
Sparky is officially a photographer, I think. He took the above picture of Iggy, the below picture of new-friend Lily...
And he took this photo of our buddies Chad and Rach (who you simply must visit via their blog "playing house"). They came over the other night to help us live our list by making yummy pizza.
This is Sparky telling me with his eyes that he absolutely does not want to be the subject. Only the artist.
So, anyway, I am excited to see the turns our outings take as I let the kids guide me with their curiosity. Yes, with our powers combined... (You can't see me but I just rubbed my hands together in anticipation. I had to stop to type but as soon as I'm done I'm going to do it again!! Mwahahaha!!!)


Vashti said...

Seriously best idea ever!! I'm totally going to start implementing this as soon as Olivia gets a little older, I'm not sure she would understand the question if I asked her now...or maybe she would?? I'm goin' for it!

Chasey and Cash said...

hmmmm...such great insight! Thanks...I will take you up on that way of thinking!

Stephanie and Todd said...

I'm hoping to join you and the boys on some of your adventures this summer!!