Wednesday, January 27, 2010

you've never lived until you've... second edition

*play in the rain
*visit a tulip garden
*ride a train
*build a rocket ship and fly to an imaginary world
*perform in our own circus
*send a care package to someone far away
*have a crazy-hair day
*wade in a stream
*go to the zoo
*make our own pizza
*jump on a trampoline
*experience a sunrise
*walk to a gas station to pick out a favorite candy
*make a sand castle and then stomp on it
*build a soap-box car and race down a hill
*roast a hot-dog over a fire
*watch a live play
*star gaze
*eat a really messy dinner with no utensils
*build a catapult and shoot things
*swim in a real lake, not a man-made one
*build a really sweet fort
*make a slip-n-slide out of a shower curtain and use dish detergent to slide faster
*go roller skating
*ride a horse or pony
*have a yellow day where we wear only yellow, and eat only yellow food
*plant seeds in cups and water them until they are beautiful plants
*dig a giant hole
*make fruit smoothies
*rent a projector and make our own drive in
*go on a treasure hunt
*catch a tadpole, kiss it for good luck and set it free
*squirt-gun fight
*record our voices and play them back and laugh at how silly we sound
*go a day without shoes
*eat cotton candy
*see a parade
*climb a tree
*have a mud fight

My live list is a tour guide for childhood. Although I have done so many of these things, they are all quite new to my young ones. Most of the list has been carried forward from my previous list, as I lost my ambition before completion, but a few items are additions.

Click here if you would like to share your very own live list.


Scott and Stacia said...

I love, love, love that you make lists like this. They inspire me! I love that you are taking your boys on dates and that you take them on fun excursions. I enjoy spending time with my boys but it is usually spent at home. I should broaden my horizons :)

robin said...

okay, i've been thinking. you're like a real-life anne of green gables. totally quirky, adorable, unique, beautiful.

robin said...

okay, i didn't mean to sound all psycho on that last comment...

Megan Marie said...

haha, you don't sound psycho! you sound like the kind of friend I want around to boost my self-esteem.

Karen said...

Megan, thanks for posting this. I've never made a live list before, but I'm doing it this year. I need to. I've copied some of yours and am working on a bunch of my own things, too. Thank you for getting me thinking about it!

Scott and Lori Smith said...

I have the perfect place for you to go for the tulip garden...try hundreds of acres of tulip fields! 15 minutes from where I'm from, in Mount Vernon they have a festival. Scott and I took some of our engagement pictures there!

emily said...

hands down, my favorite: "*swim in a real lake, not a man-made one"

Jessica Bjorn said...

I made my live list this year! I kept telling myself to do it last year... never did. Yay! Thank you for the inspiration!

Linzi said...

You are such a cool mom :)

Stephanie said...

I'm inspired Megan! I hope you don't mind that I stole a few of yours, but I'm about to add my live list to my blog! Thanks for giving me a reason to make such a fun list. My kids want to do it all today!!

Marzipan said...

amen, you are like a real-life Anne. is your husband like Gilbert?! that would be seriously AWESOME.