Monday, March 8, 2010

make fruit smoothies.

Sometimes we need a "kiss-and-make-up" day.

We need these days when our inner monologues have been ranting about the burdens we carry; when, in our minds, we start comparing our loads and we each begin to feel slighted.
It is remarkably easy for me to forget all the things Duke is doing for the good of our family. This tendency, complimented with my pride over my own contributions, makes for a ton of resentment bottled in my heart if I'm not careful.

I told Duke yesterday, after our frustrated chat had resolved into a renewal of compassion for one another, that I wouldn't trade our ability to effectively communicate for anything, even a decrease in the amounts of things we argue about. Making life easier so that we wouldn't disagree about money, or kids, or our lack of time to spend together, couldn't possibly bring us closer than our joint effort to persevere through the trials as a team.

We fought through Sunday morning (why is it always on Sundays?) but were onto our kissing by noon. Then, after we returned home from church, we had fruit smoothies (which is on our live list) to celebrate how crazy we are about each other.
I honor the commitment I've made to our marriage and I fully intend to stay just as passionate about my darling as ever. Hooray for love!


Brieanna said...

Marriage is hard but the commitment is really worth it. It's amazing to wake up each day, knowing that the person lying beside you, is rooting for your relationship as much as you are. Knowing that everyday you work at it, it only gets better and stronger and becomes more a living, breathing part of the world.

Scott and Lori Smith said...

Scott and I love smoothies. We have a magic bullet and use it every day. I find Sundays are the most stressful and yet the most relaxing. Yay for love!

Margaret said...

I've noticed that we seem to fight on Sundays a lot too. And usually before church. My mom always said that things like that always come up before church and are attempts to stop us from going.

Yay for fruit smoothies. When I was pregnant with Riley, Leif made them for me almost every night!

Anonymous said...

Again, so encouraging for me! Thank you for sharing!