Thursday, April 1, 2010

the tempest

"I miss my daddy." My son calls out to me from the corner of the kitchen while I rinse the silverware and set it drying. "I'm sorry, honey, he's at work. But he'll be home before bedtime... I think."

A heavy cloud passes over the sun. I feel a storm coming. "Quickly boys, we need to hurry. We must make a fort for shelter. Gather all the pillows and blankets you can find!"
I turn the couch around to face the wall and then push it back in place, only now it's backwards, creating a sort of canal of cushion. Hurriedly, I line the wall with gathered pillows and toss a sheet over the top. "Climb in, boys. Lickety-split."
Outside is cold and dark. And oh, so lonely. But in here we have each other. We know that the storm cannot last forever.
We take turns telling stories of adventure and intrigue.
We dream of the sun.

And we save a spot for daddy.

I have a feeling that being married to an accountant is going to be quite difficult sometimes, namely January through mid-April. Now, having waved goodbye to him before the kids awake and welcomed him home just before bedtime, with few exceptions, for three months, I find myself in dire need of him. All to myself. For an extended engagement. But then, the boys need him too, perhaps more than I. This is even harder, in some ways, than when we were apart for two semesters last year, mainly because I am teased by his occasional presence and the boys' constant requests for him.

On the bright side, today marks the beginning of April. Tax season ends the 15th. (Too bad our anniversary is the 14th, haha.)

Already, as I dream of the coming months, I can smell the sunscreen. I can see him laying next to me on a blanket in our back-yard counting the freckles on my shoulders, and kissing my cheek, while our baby learns to crawl in the grass and our older boys launch water balloons at one-another.

No, the storm cannot possibly last forever. And, until it's over, the boys and I can fortify.


HandsomeRob said...

My heart goes out to you Megan. I know what it's like to miss your husband so bad that it hurts and makes raising little ones more difficult and lonely at times. Maybe that's why we try and make up for their daddy's being gone by doing more and playing with them more AND forts are a must!

By the way the last few days I have been wondering why there were twice as many people looking at my blog than usual and than our mutual friend Jessica was over today for an Easter egg hunt and said you posted a link to my blog...I guess I'm sort of famous by association now!!

Theresa said...

On the other end, as I sit endlessly at my desk at work wondering if I really want to grab the next file on the pile I am thinking along similar lines. Being an accountant during tax season is hard, but fun. The worst part is hearing that my child has been crying inconsolably for 45 minutes after she wakes up to find me gone. I'm glad you find things to fortify the fort, because I'm sure it means the world to him, I know it would to me.

emily said...

i love you and your boys, as well as these little cozy places, like forts. i really look forward to tax season being over for you too! that must be crazy busy for husband.
p.s. so glad you have freckly shoulders too.
p.p.s. so glad you want to go to the d.r. someday. you really, really should.
p.p.p.s. i hope you and husband go on a mission someday. and i hope ben and i will too.

Wonsch Family said...

You seem like such a fun mama, what lucky little boys you have! BTW my hubby's in school for accounting, the joys I have to look forward to :)

Mrs. Blimes said...

Hang in there! You can make it 14 more days! I think its so sweet how excited your boys get for their daddy!

Vashti said...

I really love how vivid your writing is. Sometimes a blog can have amazing pictures or amazing writing, but it isn't very often you can find both. I always look forward to a new posting on the polished pickle!

Anonymous said...

Write more often! :) I check your blog several times a day, it's very sweet, honest and encouraging!

Kat & Paul said...

Love the storytelling and writing! Such a good reminder to be spontaneous and be apart of their daily adventures!

Jenny Bay said...

What a sweet post. I love your blog! :)