Tuesday, May 25, 2010

see a parade.

cool things about parades countdown...
10. Seeking the perfect spot to camp-out.
9. Uncommon friendly smiles and waving.
8. The waiting (and chatting) in-between floats.
7. Bright colors.
6. Ooooos and awwwes from children.
5. The totally random effect that happens when people decide to be silly and show off their cool stuff at the same time.
4. Family.
3. Marching bands. I have a soft spot for marching bands. Especially marching bands comprised energetic geriatrics.
(Check out the sea of orthopedic shoes.)
2. Laughing along-side an entire community.
1. Being good tired at the end of the day.


jdavissquared said...

I love marching bands too! can't say i've ever seen a senior citizen one, but i'd like to!

Megan Marie said...

that band was sooooo cute. they were called "the 'get a life' marching band" and their slogan was "we eat better than we play." i loved all the old women in cheerleading outfits and tight-fitting color-guard attire. i hope i'm that cool when i get older.

Glo said...

I thank you for making me take time to live. It was great fun. I love bands. When the pipers played past us, I turned to my sister and said with a smile(and tears rolling down my cheeks) "why do I feel like crying when I'm at a parade?" She simply said "joy." Thanks for giving me joy.

amateur idler said...

That is, by far, the best parade I've ever heard tell of. I hope I am half as awesome as those marching seniors when I'm old. And this is, by far, the best blog I read. Don't tell the others, but it's my favorite.