Friday, August 13, 2010

Wade in a stream.

An adventure from our live list.

Iggy threw shoes in the water when I wasn't looking just so he could watch me run down the stream after them. I secretly think he's super funny but I'm trying not to let on.

Sparky is moving past his fear of water and now he has been asking to learn how to swim. He really is growing into a charming young man.

Fitz was so jealous that everyone else was playing in the water that he decided to rocket his-self from his car-seat and make a break for the stream! The picture is blurry because I was running to grab him. Witnessing his little personality become manifest over the last couple of months has been a real treat.

Yes, lots of personality in that tiny body.

Adventure highly recommended!

Cheers, all.


Heather said...

Such lovely boys you have! I love reading about your adventures with them!

emily said...

how fun!! that is hilarious about fitz. and the last photo explains it perfectly. like "oh great, mom caught me."

Laura said...

ooh, I love that bird's-eye picture of your oldest. I am excited to be in your part of the world in less than 2 weeks. Let's do something then.

Dawn said...

i really like the fifth picture.
it looks so enchanted the way the sun glimmers on the water.