Tuesday, September 14, 2010

free spirited adventure.

Upon our flight from the unfamiliarity of the mall other day we swiftly found our home at the park. Here we belong. Here loud children are sent smiles instead of sideways, dirty looks. Here we feel the peace of potential friendship and support coming from each passing pedestrian.

Yes, send us to the park where we can run free for free.

Speaking of free entertainment, have you tried taking your kids by a skate-park to watch the bikers and boarders? The young men there, however rough around the edges, go out of their way to put on a good show for us each time.

Try filling a parking-lot pot-hole with leaves and pretending it's a bird nest.

Or attacking each-other with early-fall.

Then try tenderly picking the crud out of your loved-one's hair.

Once a gentleman visiting from another state made comment that he couldn't tell which Oregonians were homeless and which of them were merely dressing like they were homeless. I of course denied the validity of his observation but after looking through these photographs I'm more inclined to agree.

We are happy bums.

Ps- If you're ever in Oregon, watch the faces, not the clothes. You will know the sad-soul from the free-spirit.


Kaci Jo said...

I love this post. I love the beauty in being a free spirit.

Brieanna said...

I love your tie dye shirt. Hooray for the pseudo homeless!!! The faux birds nest is super cute. I agree with Kaci Jo, being a free spirit is the greatest!! But, where are the boys clothes?

Megan Marie said...

The boys strip right down every hot day. Maybe I'm crazy but I try and pick my battles with them. Underwear at the park is the least of my worries. :)

Glo said...

Underware in a park? I guess we need to get them speedos or something. Those underoos give it away that they aren't wearing andy pants. Aw well, at least they are keeping their undershorts on. They are really Tarzan, reincarnate. LOL- Cute.

leigh said...

I love it that they are running around in their undies. So free...so very free.

Kat & Paul said...

those kids look tuckered out in the last pic! so much fun!