Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh, how our night-life has changed.

Duke and I sometimes laugh at our-younger-selves (which beats whacking yourself in the forehead and yelling at your-younger-self) when we reflect upon the silly things we used to think and do.

For example, we laugh when we pass an Applebees restaurant and remember how we ate there for dinner at least three times a week over a 6 month stretch.

Now the bill at Wendy's makes us cringe. Something has changed us, and I don't know if I can chalk it all up to marriage and kids.

I wish to relate a story. I photographed a few weddings recently and the other day it dawned on me that I had some extra cash for a shopping excursion. No, not grocery-shopping. Not even back-to-school shopping. Just shopping, like you know, that thing that girls are supposed to love to do.

My shoes made that squeaking noise on the polished mall floor. I tried to act natural in the environment I had been avoiding for what (I thought) were monetary reasons. Each bill in my wallet pressed against me in my pocket; an unfamiliar sensation. I had decided earlier that we needed a duvet cover for our comforter and I was hunting to kill.

After nearly passing out several times as I imagined sleeping in a fabric that could feed our family for a month, I found myself wandering aimlessly in the basement of a JC Penny's.

Now imagine that so-soothing-it's-creepy, woman's voice that computers from the future use ringing through the store saying, "you deserve this, you work so hard, treat yourself today." I walked as fast as I could without raising suspicion to the elevator, nearly screamed as the doors opened on a giant advertisement of a similar tenor, and made a break for the outside world.

I don't know exactly what has caused this change but I feel so different. I feel as if all the discretionary income I could possibly meet could not entice me through those department-store doors.

I can't say for sure if I will ever bounce back from the extreme of immense frugality. There must be a balance, I suppose.

But for now I think I will continue to perfect the art of cheap entertainment. We make "one parent hanging out in the car with kids while the other does some grocery shopping" fun! My, how Duke and I have grown into new creatures.

Still, I'm sure we'll be laughing at our own naivety as someday we reflect on our young family life.

Principles of happiness are eternal and unchanging, but we each surely engrave them into our hearts line upon line.


jdavissquared said...

I freak out over how much stuff costs too. I think when you have specific goals for your money, you treasure it alot more!

To thriftiness!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

I do the same thing.... hence the reason I have yet to buy a new comforter for our bed (or new sheets for that matter), and the reason our bedroom is still painted in "this was a mistake" blue. One day, I'll pry my fingers off my purse strings... one day.... :o)

She Loves The Color Pink said...

I know what you mean.I love your kids in their underwear...there isn't anything cuter! Plus, that stage only lasts so long!

Caitlin said...

Good for you! Save that money for your secret mission - I've read that people value a nice vacation much more than a new mattress, even though they sleep on it everyday.

Brieanna said...

Where are the boys' clothes? I know you're not that thrifty. I wish I was that frugal, but it's not in me. I love clothes, making my home perfectly aligned to my vision, and spoiling myself and the one's I love, rotten. You guys crack me up, what a life. It must be fun to be your kids, I love how creative your life is, it will help the boys be just as creative. I love vicariously living through this blog, it makes me dream of adventure.