Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fly away for a day.

When tax season comes, my husband (the accountant) goes. To work. A lot.

I show and feel love in quality time spent with others, so inevitably a discontent and hunger grows in me, leading to an intense longing for change coupled with a flight instinct.

I told Duke that my pockets were burning (since the impulsive me has a spending problem). He suggested I channel that energy into my drawing, but when I get to feeling this antsy, sitting still makes me feel like I'm about to get caught in a game of tag.

So today the boys and I drove and drove until land ended and sea began.

Where we could see each other clearly, without the cabin-feverish minds.

We searched for our dreams in the sand (though we mostly found styrofoam and other junk).

They discovered their growing capabilities in a new setting.

And I found myself and brought me home.

I realize that for many years to come, Duke will be time-poor during my time of greatest, seasonal gloom. And I think I'm finally ready to just accept it and deal. Really deal.

Now that I'm ready, I know my Father in Heaven will be able to help me, for His Son is truly the Prince of Peace. And I know I need Him.

More beach adventure photos here.


Sarah said...

I have very much been craving an adventure. Yours looks wonderful. :) My mother is an accountant and I remember hating this time of year when I was younger. Good luck to you!

Sarah Ann said...

I love this. It just touched my heart. Beautiful pictures and writing and a beautiful heart! You are right, our Sweet Jesus provides rest for us and reminds us of himself when we need to find ourselves.

Rach said...

awesome. i think its one of those life long dealings, how we have to 'deal with it' ya know? its work to be happy, specifically in the winter. were getting out of town this weekend...for the same reason, mommy needs a re-charge:)

Trina said...

Wonderful idea! We are feeling the cabin fever big time here. But without a car we are limited, which is hard. This has inspired me to be more.

Scott and Stacia said...

I am glad others feel the same way I do :) When Scott is super busy (like now, with it being high school Soccer season)...I need to be excited for the unknown...and be okay with a dirty house...and that isn't alway easy :) I love the times that I love being a stay at home mom. We really have a great opportunity that not every mom can experience. Thanks for always being inspirational!! I too will try to stay positive during this busy time in our daddy's life.

Laura said...

oh, I miss the oregon coast. keep visiting and taking pictures so I can imagine myself there.

joolee said...

i hear you. we own a tax practice in downtown Vancouver, WA and i feel like a single mom for a few months...not fun. especially when, like you say, it's the worst time of year, you're bottled up inside the house with cabin fever and just want to get out. i thought it was tough last year when i was tired and pregnant, but this year? three kids at home?? ahhh....thanks for this post! we may have to drive to the coast as well. :)