Wednesday, January 26, 2011

perform in our own circus.

Yesterday we had a wonderful reason to live this dream from our live-list!

It was grandpa's birthday! I think I'll share the recipe we used for celebrating his special day...

1. Carnival quality food including Elephant Ears.

2. Dancing bears.

3. A performance of super-strength.

4. Juggling, of course.

(Fitz has a unique juggle-method.)

5. One adorable, little clown.

6. Colored lights.

7. Paper pennants.

8. Quirky exhibits.

9. Carnival games.

10. Family. No circus is complete without the ones you love.

Now you try!


Rach said...


best birthday ever.

Teresa said...

Love this! I hope you left the pennant banners up for today!

Valerie said...

I love how you make life so fun. you are awesome.

leigh said...

You should throw professional home spun parties. You could make some money!

emily said...

you guys are the cutest circus folk i've ever seen.

prettybaby said...

so fun. love it. xx