Monday, May 23, 2011

Memory Lane.

Oh, my computer desktop. If my counter-top was as cluttered, I would be mortified. I sorted through it the other day, giving my farewell to the folders of the past and the many projects they represented.

One cyber-pile that I could not bring myself to toss out was my "to post" folder, filled with sweet picture stories I'd never had the time or ambition to share.

So here is a hodge-podge post of wonderful things that happened not too long ago, but already cause me to feel nostalgic...

1. Backyard bocce-ball.

2. Summer naps in blanket forts.

3. S'mores, just because.

4. Duke at the park.

(I can't see these pictures of him and keep myself from smiling.)

6. When Fitz had no teeth!

7. Our Mcdonald's play-place fun.

8. Sparky's long hair.

9. Renaissance faire costumes.

10. Nearly naked boy attacks.

11. I miss the family dog.

(We had a very sad service in my parent's backyard last summer. That sweet dog was a great comfort to me in my teenage years. Duke and I called him "the chastitizer" because while we were dating, if we tried to kiss or hug, there he was, squeezing in-between us.)

12. Fall leaves, and racquets for rakes.

13. Breezy bike-rides.

14. When I had long hair and a tiny tummy.


Now, hopefully, I can get back to making memories from today's moments.

Whoops, I skipped number 5. Oh, well.

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emily said...

i love the hodge podge photos. they are super cute. and memorable :)