Monday, October 3, 2011

best birthing gift ever.

My friend Crystal (remember Crystal?) is one of the most thoughtful and creative people I know. She brought by a darling kit for me, knowing that the baby will be here soon. What sweet encouragement and love it engendered!
Contents (inside the most darling, decorated envelope):
1. receiving blanket
2. color crayons
3. drawing paper, some blank and some started with charming paint colors
4. an invitation to draw

The package went straight into my hospital bag.

It just so happens that I was painting when she came by. You know, I really need this baby to come so that I can feel inspired to create something other than flowers and squares of color. Can't wait to see what sorts of drawings come while I am in labor or after the baby arrives!

I am so thankful for friends whose love sustains me through these last days before the baby comes. And for artistic endeavors to redirect anxious energy!


Bridget said...

How is it that I've been reading your blog for nearly a year and didn't know that you paint? I'm so excited! I love the fun things you shared with us in this post.

Laura said...

i have been thinking and your pregnant self all the time lately. i just can't wait!

joolee said...

oh how talented you are! i started a drawing blog myself, last year. my goal was one drawing a week...and well, that ended after i had #3 in july. MUST start again. :) dang it, i was so sure you'd had that little one when there was no post for a few days! hang in there! you won't have a belly forever....