Saturday, October 15, 2011

Simple halloween home ideas.

This family of ours adores construction paper.

Pumpkins: construction paper. Stems: card stock. Leaves: wired fabric leaves from a floral department. Curls: plastic ribbon.

Spiders: construction paper. Eyes: purple sequins.

Bats: constriction paper. Eyes: gold beads.

Window creatures: construction paper and a family creativity session.

These darling ghosts were a spooky gift from our wonderful friends. What a great idea, don't you think? Ghosts: milk jugs with permanent marker faces. Lights: white string lights.

Those were the simple ideas. That's about as much as I can muster this year. In past years I've been much more ambitious and I'd love to share a couple of projects again, just in case someone who's reading this has Halloween hysteria.

Bat Display Tutorial: HERE. (My definition of what is 'simple' has really changed over the past couple of years.)

Spooky Photo Display Tutorial: HERE. (The kids adore the finished product.)

Happy decorating!

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Teresa said...

That's right! I'd forgotten about the spooky eye lights. I wanted to try them last year when I saw your blog, but then forgot. I love those little bats, oh, and the spiders. LOVE the spiders. The milk jug ghosts are pretty darn cute, too. ;)