Saturday, November 24, 2012

"i'm sorry" gifts.

I've mentioned before that Matt and I met working together.

We'd argue sometimes, even then.

I remember walking through the mall looking for "I'm sorry" gifts on a number of occasions. And he'd bring me lunch as peace offerings.

That was when we were only friends, and dating other people.

Looking back, I know we had a special bond and a unique tie from our first interactions. We were never indifferent to one another. In our subtle, non-romantic way we always worked very hard to preserve our relationship.

Through the many trials of our marriage we've had to apologize for a slew of insensitive behavior. And we've not always been in a position to give tangible gifts to express our desire to make things right. So we give the most difficult gift. We offer up our pride. We do what we must to restore our kind feelings.

I do still love the little tokens of an argument end. Yesterday it was lunch for two (with sparkling cider) while the kids watched a movie. We agreed, like we always do, on one specific point; we are very good for each other.


Kerri said...

WHOA! My computer has been on the fritz and I haven't been up to date on blogs, I finally get on today and now everyone has new names. Holy Toledo.

Rebekah V. said...

I just read your post about depression and now this one and, sister, we walk the same road. The idea of offering up the gift of pride resonates with me and the other thing that resonates with me is crying a lot sometimes. I always love coming upon entries like these. Thanks for sharing. ps. If I were a betting woman (and I am) I bet we would be pals if we were neighbors or in the same ward.